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Spot Light

Mrs. Manasi Sapatnekar

Specialisation in child psychology.

Mrs. Manasi Sapatnekar

Mrs. Manasi Sapatnekar
Child psychology specialist

Why did you choose this profession?
Right from the beginning, my liking is towards reading people’s faces and their behavior. It went on increasing gradually and then I became fond of it and I started enjoying it. I think one should really enjoy his/ her work and then only it can be done with perfection and that is called as work satisfaction. I really get inner satisfaction by helping various people in their difficult times and problems.

What are the major challenges you face when you are treating your patients?
In our country, still the people think that going to a counselor or to a psychiatrist is not good and as a result of it they simply avoid approaching us. When the problem grows and it goes out of their control then only they dare to visit a counselor. Even then they avoid opening up their mind and hesitating to communicate with free mind. So I think the people’s psychology has to change. The major challenges are: Non-acceptance of mistakes by parents; Lack of consistency in following the entire course treatment; People are still under impression that only mad people visit a counselor.

Who supported you to pursue this career?
Before marriage of course my parents because they were knowing my ability to find out the solution for any kind of problem and the way I used to take interest in people’s problem solving. They knew how positive I am and the patience that I have. Because having patience to listen to others’ problems are very important. And after marriage my husband and in-laws are supporting me.

Of how many years of experience do you have in this field?
I started it in the year 1998 that means, I have been in this field since last 18 years and enjoying it thoroughly.

How do you balance your professional life with your personal life?
Yes that’s a good question. It is really difficult to balance between the professional life and the personal life, but what I do is where ever I am at my office, I am 100% in my profession and when I am at home, I give 100% to my family. I think one should learn to keep these two things unmixed. The most important thing is with the help of my in-laws and my kids. I have 2 kids. They all are also very supportive.

What are the usual major problems of students when you are counseling them?
The usual problems are related to concentration, hyper Activeness, emotional disturbance, difference of opinion, academic issues, fear of being interactive in the class etc.

How do you manage to keep yourself so fresh and enthusiastic all the time?
I am basically a positive person by nature. I like and I prefer to spread the positivity around me. Most important thing is I love my work and I do it whole heartedly. I never take it as a burden. That keeps me fresh and enthusiastic all the time.

Is there any case which is memorable for you?
I remember one case where there was a child was deaf and dumb, so building a communication with him was very difficult and was a biggest challenge. I was not knowing how to ahead with it. Then one thing came to my mind and I learnt the sign language for that particular case, with the help of which I finally could give him the proper treatment. His parents were so happy and I felt so honored to see that happiness on their face.

If any of us wish to make career in this field, what suggestions would you give?
A person should be patient, empathetic, understanding, positive, need to be enthusiastic, full of life, ready to help, should have Arts degree. And most important he/she should choose this field by choice and not by chance.

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